Writing Update #1

Similar to my Dev Updates on my tech blog, I wanted to share with my readers the progress I’ve made in terms of writing and to announce something new and exciting!

The News First

Let’s talk about the news. I’m starting a newsletter. Yeah. Here’s the preview:


If you’d like to sign up, I have a sign up form ready. (note: this is a draft and the twitter account does not exist :)).


I’m about halfway through the original Chapter II which is now actually Chapter III. Here’s what my setup looks like:


The edited and annotated version is on the left and the clean rewrite is on the right. I decided to keep the built-in formatting in Scrivener and do away with any customization. The default margins definitely make things a little more pleasant to use.

A few things I’ve found out while doing the rewrite:

  • there is A LOT to cut out. I’m cutting things out left and right
  • there is a lack of flow to the story. It seems to be jumping around a lot initially as if I’m trying to figure out what should happen
  • it’s still a fun read!

Goals I don’t have any specific goals other than rewrite daily. I’ve been rewriting a bit at a time daily for the past week or so and it’s been very helpful. Even if I rewrite only a few sentences, it makes a difference.

Throwback Thursday

I used to do a ton of digital art and so, at one point, I combined the two to create a story that I translated into a quick digital art graphic (circa 2009):

sky dreams