#20 - An Adventure In A New Realm

"Haron! Haron!" the boy called out to his best friend, waving over the pasture, "Come over here!" he cupped his hands around his mouth like a horn.

Haron promptly ran over to his friend, jumping over the green bushes, falling down several times, "What is it? What's going on?"

"You won't believe this! You know how it's my birthday next week? Well, guess what?"

"No! No no no way! Are your parents-?"

"Yes! They're letting me go out into the world!" He hugged his friend and they went off away from the large forest at the west of their village, "I already got my pack ready and memorized the route in case I lose my map."

"That's awesome. I'll be leaving only a month after you."

"So your parents agreed?"

"I think our parents talked it over and that's how I get to go too."

"Did you plan a route to Skyland Port as well?"

Jandar nodded, "I'll be going a shorter route so that we can make it there at the same time."

"Can't wait!"

Jandar and Haron crossed a farm land and headed toward Haron's house. There, Haron's mother sat them both down.

"Now that both of you know you are going, it's time that I told you the truth of the Travel. What do you think the Travel is about?"

"Going on adventures!" Jandar exclaimed.

"Yes, good. What else?"

"Meeting new people."

"Definitely. Anything else?"

"Learning new things?"

"True. Do either of you know the origin of the Travel?"

They both shook their heads.

"A long time ago, people lived on a different planet. One closer to the sun."

"Must have been hot!"

"A little. They lived on the third planet of the solar system, Earth. They had since then come here, to Laenor, our world. And they settle it and made it look like their Earth in the old times yet very modern.

"Have you heard of the Waves?"

They both shook their heads again.

"The Waves carried information from place to place. They allowed us to use Viewing Screens to see each other across the globe."

"Sounds like magic."

"Very close! However, an apocalypse came to Earth and destroyed it. Laenor was not built to keep up the Waves, the Viewing Screens, or other relics and thus they fell into disuse and we came back to our roots. Here."

She spread her arms out wide.

"While the Fall was happening, the Councils decided to implement an interesting initiative. Safe as Laenor was and still is, it was seen as a great place for an experiment. To supplement the knowledge and information exchange that the Waves provided by creating the Travel."

"Whoa." Both boys exclaimed.

"So, the Council taught and encouraged young boys such as yourselves to travel through the world, uninhibited to see what other villages, cities, and even countries were doing and how they lived. When you come back, you will be wordlly, knowing much more than before, allowing our village to flourish.

"The Council, you see, feared that the absence of Waves and the absence of large animals to be used for travel would bring our worlds back into the dark ages when people would not want to understand each other, where pockets of highly skilled and unskilled processes existed right next to each other."

"That's amazing!" Jandar grinned.

"But you boys, I'm sure, are more excited about the adventure itself and not its history. At least not now. So go on! Go out! Go see your fathers and ask them about their journeys, and then your neighbors and their mothers to see how they journeyed."

The boys ran off from the building and down the dirt path.