#18 - Closed for business

"I'm sorry sir, we're just closed."

"How can you be closed? You shouldn't ever be closed!"

"You should try Hell, sir, they might still be open at this time."

"They were the ones who sent me here! I committed suicide, Hell was the first place I went to."

"Let me contact my manager, " the angel floated away, dialed another angel via her phone. She argued for a minute and came back.

"My manager says we're at full capacity."

"Full capacity? You're Heaven! How can you have ANY type of capacity."

"After the last humans were admitted, we waited the customary two thousand years, locked our capacity and closed the gates in order to allow other civilizations to flourish under God. All per protocol."

"So what am I supposed to do?" The man yelled out. He sighed and asked the angel to get the manager.

The angel appeared, she had bigger wings and a large sword hanging off her loose belt, "Okay, sir, can you please start over?"

"Alright," he said, "I was put into cryogenic stasis about five thousand years ago. Just woke up a couple of weeks ago. No other human was around, so I committed suicide. Hell was closed so they sent me up here. And you guys are closed, too."

The manager thought, "You can file an appeal and stay up here for the time being."

"In purgatory?"

The angel nodded.

"Any idea on how long an appeal may take?"

"We've gotten pretty efficient with these types of things. You should have a preliminary answer in a few hundred years."

The angel disappeared, then the gate, and then the fluffy clouds leaving behind an eerie grayness.

"Your appeal has been submitted," an angel's voice echoed and died out.