#16 - Gargoyle

"You know what Charlie? I'm damn tired of these street walkers around here, so full of themselves."

"Yeah, but what are you gonna do," the gargoyle growled. The creature, half stone, half living, stretched and sat back, "I'm gonna have to head to the towers soon."

"It's only been a couple of hours since sunset."

"I promised my brother I'd be up there. He had something to show me."

"Well, alright."

"You know it's funny," the gargoyle growled, looking down from the rooftop, "Never once did any of them look up."

"Got them hats to keep them from seeing the sky above them."

"Otherwise they'd see me standing here, wagging my tail at them."

"And then they'd probably just think they're overworked!"

They laughed together. The boy started wounding the chimney cleaner wire into tight coils.

"I clean their house, two times a month, they still can't remember my name."

"Must be because you clean at night."

"That's the other funny thing. Why do they want their chimneys cleaned at night? Seems like I'm the only one up here."

"Only one willing probably," the gargoyle pointed forward,"Anyone rich enough to go out does. Anyone poor stays in."

"Well, I guess I will see you later."

"Don't get in trouble."

"I won't. Not sure how I could anyways, you're just about my only friend and my only family for that matter."