#15 - Dream Test

I went to bed that night, my head full of thoughts. It took me several hours to close my eyes and fall asleep.

I rarely ever remember my dreams, I only remember waking up and feeling positive, feeling a fresh breath of energy as if I had gone to the spa, flew to the Bahamas with all of my friends, and then found the love of my life.

My dreams were extraordinary to the point where real life paled in comparison. Despite the fact that I had no idea what happened in my dreams.

Today was different though. I went to sleep and I could see my dream.

My feet touched the hand sand below but above me the sky was dark with enormous planets circling the skies. Snakes made of fur crawled over the ground and wound themselves as shoes on my soles.

When I took a step, a pathway lit up. I followed it down a valley under the ocean where no water could penetrate some invisible bubble. Within that valley, I found monkeys that jumped on my back and formed a heavy, warm garment necessary for an even deeper plunge into the waters.

At the bottom of the sea, fish with lights attached to their backs put on a spectacular show while octopi massaged my body. The monkeys jumped off and started talking to me about fine wine and cigars and how they would soon arrive via the underwater ship.

I woke up suddenly with a woman looking down over me. She wore round spectacles and had her hair tied in a tight bun.

I looked around and saw an endless sea of bodies spanning what looked like miles but I could not see beyond that. They all simply laid on the earthy ground, sleeping. The blue sky overhead was empty of a sun and clouds.

"About time someone around here put on some decent performance," said the teacher, "And here I thought I'd be the only one who could please God with my dreams, at least enough to wake up from mortality."