#13 - The Shuffle

The Ugly Man

"Damn!" he looked down at his body, "Just damn. I hit the damn fucking lottery."

He looked back at the mirror, touching his face, touching his breasts, looking down his shirt and pants.

"This is amazing!"

He looked at his nails, clean of dirt. His hands were soft, as was his face. His eyes alert, and no pain in his back.

He smiled and went out for coffee. As he made his way around the corner, he noticed men looking at him, winking and howling. He noticed other men trying to steal looks at him, failing to be inconspicuous.

A month later, he applied for a job as a programmer but was denied from every interview despite his long history of credentials and proven skills.

He started a business online but learned that he needed to keep his professional and personal self very separated

The Pretty Woman

She lamented losing her body. Years of work down the drain, years of hard work at the gym, taking care of her body. Only to find herself in a dump.

"Fuck," she muttered. Her face was covered with blotches of red. Her short hair black, matted with oils. She could not stand the disgusting belly when she looked down.

Depressed, she went to work the next day, and then for a week and then for a month. Getting used to what she had. She found herself with more work than before, managers caring less about her problems, giving an easier time to the pretty blonde girls in the office. Problems were blamed on her, responsibilities put on her shoulders. No one gave her the time of the day.

Fed up, she quit, and applied for a new position. It took her less than two weeks to get double her pay, at an advanced position.

She tried to regain her figure and while she found her own looks more pleasing in the mirror after years of hard work, she never regained the effect it had on others around her.