#11 - One A Day Human

John barely remembered sunrise and now he stared directly into the sunset.

"I won't see day again," he muttered angrily.

John was fortunate enough to be born around midnight, meaning that he would experience a full day just as the planet experienced it. From the beginning to end.

His life expectancy at this stage was about twenty three hours.

"Shouldn't have had that cigarette," he muttered, thinking about the life he had lived.

His parents had been very health oriented and so he enjoyed a luscious and sweet breakfast of fruits and vegetables. In his teens, he was fortunate enough to write down some ideas, things to pass to his children, that he had hoped to have.

"Life is too short for this," he muttered. He never married and never enjoyed the company of another woman. He had fallen badly in the afternoon while trying to ride a bike for the first time and by the time he healed, everyone his age had married off and started popping children of their own.

After the sun had set, John went to his room and arranged the few things that mattered to him. A drawing he had made after he had lunch, a coin he had found on the ground earlier that day, and a book whose first chapter he had read, a feat many do not achieve in their life time.

A few hours later, he went out for a moonlit walk, his last walk "I'm so glad I got to witness the beauty of the moon. It won't be another thirty generations till anyone else sees it."