#10 - Useless Money

"Don't worry Dad, I'll take care of the company."

"You better. You know, I was a little worried about you, growing up as such a hippie, careless of our family business. I'm glad you finally took responsibility and realized that money is what rules the world, and it should always stay within the family."

James woke up from stasis to find himself a hundred years in the future.

"Best decision ever made," he grinned to himself. When he left, his son took over as the CEO of his company. Billions of dollars were in his bank account and while he did donate more than a half to various humanitarian associations, clever investments and the rise of auto-venture programs would make sure he would make several times over what he had back.

He grinned even further, not to mention the stasis technology would no doubt be a huge success by itself.

"Ah, Mr. Conroe?" the doctor took out a flashlight, shined it in his eyes, took notes, and allowed a robot to further examine the man.

"Doctor, tell me something, what year is it?"

"2298 as requested."

"Is ConroeCorp still as big as it was when I went to slumber?"

"I wouldn't know, I wasn't alive back then but yes, ConroeCorp is one of the leading corporations in the world."

James stepped out and allowed his brain to connect to the wide network.

"DomeStem we call it now," the doctor told him, "A little different than what your generation is used to."

The DomeStem opened up to him. He queried for his bank only to see it gone.

"What happened to Bank of Conroe?"

"I'm sorry, sir. I almost forgot that you went to stasis before the Currency Liberation. Money no longer exists in our society."

"But you said ConroeCorp was still one of the leade-"

"Yes, yes. They're the leading corporation. The definition has changed. It is, what we call, a voluntary congregation of like-minded individuals. Closer to a charity perhaps, or a non-profit organization. Although, that seems a bit redundant since there are no 'profit' organizations today."

James stared at him blankly.

"I thought you'd be happy. It was, indeed, your son Benjamin and his daughter Maron who lead the movement."

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