#8 - Green Light

"Avada Kedavra," the words were spoken and one could feel the electricity and magic in the air. It flowed through me into my wand, exiting as a green lightning, pointed at the figure in front of me.

No one has spoken those words ever before, and hopefully, no one will ever. The spell had a two-fold function. One, to kill the target in front of me. Two, to preserve the dead body perfectly with no sign of damage. I knew the first function worked flawlessly on my test subjects, various animals, even plants and trees. The second part remained to be seen.

The witch in front of me flung her wand my way, releasing a counter spell, but too late. She looked confused, wondering what my spell will do to her. Will her body explode? Will it fall apart or start bleeding profusely?

None of it happened. The lightning hit her and stopped. It did not move her, not twist her, or cut her. Her body simply went limp and fell down. Dead but perfectly preserved.

I moved her body into the ice coffin with a timespell set around it. She'd be revived a thousand years in the future. And the only thing necessary was incanting the spell backward to bring her heart back to beating.