#7 - Coming Back

I inhaled sharply, the blackness in front of my eyes disappearing to show a white room.

"Where am I?" I tried to say but heard only a strange rasping. My throat burned like fire. Looking around, I noticed a few cameras and a mirror in front of me.

The sight was morbid. I was as skinny and sickly as before. Was this some kind of a joke? Last thing I remembered was falling asleep on my bed in the hospice. Struggling to breath and then darkness.

Is this a purgatory? The view in front of me came into sudden sharp focus. The burning sensation from my throat spread to my face and head. My eyes darted around the room quickly but with perfect accuracy. The previous disease-induced blurriness disappeared.

The fire retreated and made its way through the rest of my body which responded immediately both in feel and look. The mirror showed my body glowing with a flush redness, gaining mass quickly.

I lifted my arm and unstrapped from the upright table I was bound to.

I took a few steps and the mirror turned to a window. People were clapping and congratulating each other. Someone had a television screen playing in the background. I could read the title on it, though it was very far away. My vision had never been this good.

"The first human revived from death: Marco Liebener," it read.

I could hear them talk, "This will be revolutionary. No one will ever die again." one of the people said.

"We will make a fortune off this."

"The investors will be beyond ecstatic."

"Probably will line up to have their loved ones revived right away!"

Someone's eyes locked with mine and a sudden look of fear washed over their face.

"I think he's looking at me!" he told one of the others around him.

"Don't be stupid. It's a one way window."

"I swear, he looked at me."

"I know things get a tad spooky when reviving a human but drop it, alright? This is a monumental step in human history."

I could hear new things, the whirring of the computers. The scattering of small bugs deep under the floor. The steps of people above me.

My vision changed too. The room around me changed too. Bright white dots lined every square inch of the room. The light was coming from the cameras in the corners.

I took a few steps and knocked on the mirror, startling them. I could see beyond their clothes, and could see perfect images from the reflections in their eyes and their glasses.

Their IR camera showed my body burning up in heat.

"That's a normal reaction," one of the scientists said to the assistant watching the screen.

The heat kept increasing until they saw another type of reading.

"His body is becoming highly radioactive!" One of the individuals there screamed, "We have to terminate him!"

A higher up nodded in agreement.

It was now or never. I punched the mirror, shattering it completely, melting away the pieces. I jumped through and weaved through the staff before they could react.

Out the door, soon out of the clinic, I made it out.

That's when it happened. Time stopped, leaves on trees stopped moving, wind ceased, and even lights went dark. My body grew in heat so much that I could see matter around me liquifying and becoming gas soon after.

"The President called for an international state of emergency as what we call the 'Radioactive man' detonated in the central Ohio area. A twenty mile crater was left after the detonation.

"The bad news, unfortunately, do not stop there. After said detonation which will truthfully impact the future of our world, the satellites from orbit picked up the heat signature of the man. It is possible he is still alive and on the move."