My Poetry, Prose, and Thoughts

Before I start writing about all my thoughts or just posting my poetry in general, I wanted to write about WHY I grouped all these topics together. For some, this may be strange, bizarre, and make you reluctant to subscribe to my RSS feed. And guess what? I'm glad, hell, I am taking that option of the table so you can't make that decision.

I've, for some time, been wanting to find a place to put my general thoughts, some observations, some essays, and then some poetry and prose. A place where all of "ME" unites so to speak. A personal blog means I have to write about myself, I don't necessarily want to do that. My AntJanus blog is about web develpment and tech, and while that's a part of me, it's more of the "professional" part of me. Not the "me" outside of work.

I hope that it becomes clear with time what type of a publication I'm trying to create and that people appreciate it enough to visit on their own, without the prompting of an aggregator.