SGU: My impressions from the 2nd season

(warning, spoilers)

I'm almost done with the series and I have to tell you that I'm completely in love with this show. I appreciate it just as much as the other two series (SGA, SG-1) and I love its uniqueness. This is really unlike the other shows and it is so much more its own series.

Let me just break a few things I've noticed down:

  • the show has characters that CHANGE and realistically. Some characters, when faced with death, will react to it as such and it sticks with them. You can see it in the episodes after, they don't just "get over it". Other characters will surprise with HOW MUCH they've changed and where. Characters you loved, you'll end up disliking. Characters you hated, you'll end up loving. And you'll find out that one of the most undesirable characters in the first season and the first few episodes becomes your own "rock" in the series as someone you can depend on emotionally. As weird as it sounds, even their haircuts change, their hair grows, and they don't maintain a single standard look (other than clothes, which, again, is realistic).
  • the technology and interactions with the outside world are much more than just "Ancients were here!", you'll see aliens that you can't understand, and more importantly, aliens that don't just become "villains". They become more of "okay, they're here. We're not getting along. Wtf can we do to either stay away or beat them back".
  • you'll see just how far the group mechanic goes when the group becomes fully self-sufficient, especially when it comes to self-governance. They abandon "humanity" (as in human civilization from Earth) and are able to say "No!" to their leaders because their leaders are not in the situation. It's very profound when the characters no longer say "Well, I'll tell the president about this!".
  • The "alone" feel is kept but the renewed presence of aliens and other humans makes you feel like "Okay, okay okay. You know what? They MAY just meet someone awesome."

The cameos of characters from the other shows were a bit awkward, though some were welcome. It's a hit and a miss. It feels like they are from a completely different series or rather, a completely different universe. They just don't click. SGA and SG-1 was plagued with "shit will turn out alright" and a very star trekkian feel while SGU is...dark, human.

The Ending

The ending was trying to wrap things up and I think they did that well. The 3 years, well, this year is that third year, or even more. The cliffhanger left the story open so that if it is revived again, it will make sense. Hell, even if it isn't. The entire last episode dealt with a "goodbye, I'm not sure if we'll be back any time soon if ever". It was a perfect "goodbye", it really was. And without having to flashback to "well, remember these episode clips from the past?", they showed the journey of every character out there.

And though I'm sad to let this show go and again feel like Stargate is over, I was happy to have seen this series because it added SO much to the entire franchise and I feel like it opened up a new doorway, a doorway to shows UNLIKE the usual Stargate show, a doorway for mini-series, for movies, and other stuff.

Needless to say, I'm fucking impressed.