Will Gen III have remakes? The Whys and the Wynaut

I recently posted a comment on the topic on Reddit and so I thought I'd summarize what I meant and what I've learned during my conversations with other redditors. And some things that just occurred to me.

So let's first disect the reasons WHY there should be a game.

The Whys

I feel like there are 3 different sides to the argument as to WHY we will see a remake. Let's first consider that Gen III games are well, Gen III. With Gen VI around the corner, that's 3 generations behind! And two consoles behind! (3 technically). So here we go.

The Technical Issues

Well, let's consider this. To use Gen III games in any sort of way today, we have to overcome technical difficulties. So let's say I have a Gen V game (Black) and want to transfer my badass pokemon from Gen III (how about my cute Groudon). Here are the steps and requirements:

  • Gen III game (obviously! My Pokemon Emerald )
  • DS Lite because that's the last DS version to sport a GBA slot REQUIRED for pokemon transfer
  • Gen IV game because only those support GBA pokemon -> DS pokemon transfers via palpark.
  • catching pokemon via palpark. If I remember correctly, you can transfer only once a day, 6 pokemon, and you have to catch those 6 pokemon. Which is crap. So added time
  • Gen V game (obviously)

Let's say we want to catch up with Gen VI, we'll need additional:

  • 3DS
  • Gen VI game

that's a LOT of steps over a regular:

  • DS/3DS
  • one game
  • another game

So the complexity of going from Gen III game upward is crazy as hell. So there you go technical difficulties. It would only MAKE SENSE to remake these into beautiful 3D games and play the crap out of them on our brand new 3DS!


Additionally, DS Lite has been discontinued, it came out 7 years ago, and is considered as part of the first generation of the DS before DSi came along and now 3DS. Hunting down a new DS Lite just to get some pokemon is impossible.

How about Gen III games? Getting a NEW Gen III game can cost you a couple of hundred dollars. Getting a used one means hunting down a game on craigslist or gamestop and pray that someone will be willing to sell it (and not rip you off).

So, in the light of this, it would only make SENSE to do this! Plus, Nintendo has no want for you to stay with old tech, and old games, it once you to move forward. Nintendo itself marked its products "discontinued" on its amazon page.

It's been done

Yep, so it's been done. We have a Gen I remake (into Gen III), Gen II remake (into a Gen IV) so why not bring Gen III along for the ride?

I saw a cool graphic that discussed this phenomena. There's a need for a "device" gap for this to occur like so:

  • Gen I was for GB Pocket while the Gen III were GBA original games. This means, 2 systems later
  • Gen II was a GBC game, originally for GBC. Gen IV was the first gen for the DS. Again, 2 systems later
  • Gen III was for the GBA. Gen V (while a generation jump) STILL played on the DS. The 3DS and Gen VI is a 2 system jump meaning that we should be getting remakes.

Not only that but there has not been a game remade for Hoenn so at least Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald should be remade if not LG/FR.


Basically, here's the thing. It's been done before, Nintendo is known for it. We're coming into a new system and whenever a new system comes out Nintendo likes to double up. First with a new game showing off all the great features (Pokemon X&Y) and then with a remake of a 2 (system) generations old game. It happened with the GBA, it happened with the DS, and it's likely it'll happen again with the 3DS.

Not only that but having to keep around Gen III games is a hassle and unless you plan to invest in numerous devices just to play all the games, you're going to forget about Gen III and move on. Unfortunately, Gen III is history unless it's revived in Gen VI.


Well, the other side has a different, more utilitarian view on things and I would like to say that I'm on this side, especially after writing a long rant as to why it NEEDS to be done.

It falls, again, into three categories.

Pokemon Catching

One of the frequent arguments is that you'll need all the games to collect the entire pokedex. You don't. Gen IV took care of that. You see, HGSS took place of the Gen I, Gen II AND Gen III games. How?

  • You can get a Gen I starter as part of your Kanto journey
  • You're able to catch Mewtwo at the end of your Kanto journey.
  • You're able to catch ALL the Gen I & Gen II legendaries as part of your Johto/Kanto journey
  • Pokemon RSE legendaries are catchable in HG/SS (Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza)
  • Other RSE legendaries are catchable in Platinum/Pearl/Diamond
  • RSE starters are available in HGSS at the end of the game

See what this means? The Gen IV, in one swoop, was able to replace any need for Gen III games. And since Gen IV games can play on the 3DS (and I know it can because that's what I'm doing!) you've no need to purchase Gen III games.

Kanto Journey is overdone, Hoenn isn't interesting

The Kanto journey was replaced by HGSS so there's no need to revisit that region. I can tell you with almost full certainty that those games will not be redone, again. However, Hoenn is another problem/issue. You see, Hoenn hasn't been remade, and no one has visited Hoenn since, well, 10 years ago.

So why is that? One of the arguments I often hear is that the Hoenn journey just isn't that interesting. Playing a game in Hoenn again? Sure, but redoing the entire old story? Nope. That just doesn't seem like the thing to do. It's a very singular story, just like the Kanto journey and doesn't lead anywhere. It's a straight "collect badges, beat elite four" kind of a story. If another game will take place in Hoenn, it's going to be a whole other storyline.


The last thing is time. The Gen IV and forward have been moving in time. We're not standing still. You can see how years have passed, buildings have been upgraded, hell, even towers built. It's unlikely that we will "go back in time" and try to replay those old school games (unless those rumors about time travel in XY are true!).


Okay, okay. I know. So, the first argument is actually my main point. It feels like Nintendo eliminated any need for Gen III games with the 4th generation. All the pokemon are catchable, the Gen I&II storylines are basically preserved, and in the end, the Hoenn storyline isn't such a glamorous thing anyways.

All the legendaries are available and any holes as far as non-legendary pokemon will probably be filled in the newer games.


Think what you will but the argument AGAINST Gen III seem to be pretty good. But let's see what all the alternatives could be:

  • There will be no Gen III remakes but there WILL be a Hoenn story with expanded Sevii islands (kind of like a second region, the way they were made in LG/FR) possible
  • we will get remakes but only of RSE (not of FR/LG). unlikely
  • there will be no remake possible
  • Gen III games will be available via Virtual Console and Pokemon XY (or Generation VII) will support trading. i wish
  • Hoenn will be available as a secondary (nostalgia) region for another new game (kind of like the Johto/Kanto, we'll have Goenn/Hoenn) unlikely

Think what you will. And I'd love to hear what you say!