Saying Goodbye To Victreebel

It happens sometimes that you catch a pokemon and you stay with it but then you realize it's not really as powerful as you thought and no amount of trying can change that. That was my Victreebell. It attacks would barely make a dent, even on water types. So I have to say now, after I've beaten Elite Four with it in Pokemon Fire Red that it's time to go and it's time I start raising another Grass pokemon.

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Why, oh why?

I've had Victreebel since it was a Bellsprout and I trained it hard. I spent days leveling it up and helping it catch up with the team. It always got its fair share of action, from defense to offense, and otherwise but its stats never really went anywhere and its strength was always subpar. I couldn't even let it stretch its legs in Elite Four the first time around because it was just too weak. Using it against water and rock pokemon alike was useless. I'd get a super effective! but no real effect. My pokemon that were 4-5 levels lower were more useful. And so with time as I browsed through Sevii islands, I found myself keeping Victreebel on the sidelines more often and keeping it with me for its Cut HM instead.

It MIGHT be the moveset I have:

  • vine whip
  • acid
  • cut
  • giga drain

But even Giga Drain doesn't really work well.

It was sad a moment but I had to realize that Victreebel would be better off staying with Bill or Oak with the other pokemon (and legendaries!). So, with a heavy heart, I say goodbye. I met this guy on Route 24 at level 13 and it has been with me ever since.




Goodbye Victreebel

At level 55, more than 40 levels later, after so many badges, after the elite four, after 2 evolutions, I am letting you retire and enjoy your time with the other pokemon I caught.

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